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Description: Looking to build your community?

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Are You A Streamer?
* on: May 12, 2022, 12:36:02 PM *
* Last Edit: May 12, 2022, 02:42:20 PM by Shadav *
Are You A Streamer? Looking to build your community?
You can request to have your own spot here in the forums
What you get
Your own Board with choice of sub boards in The Community category that you will have moderation over
where you can direct your stream viewers to come hang out with you
this also opens up the availability of any current members of this forum to interact with you and learn about you and your streams

ability to create events on the calendar (which will post it to the Events board)

more to come later

if you run collab games, after some verifications and whatnots (more to come later) you will gain access to the collaber badge/membergroup, allowing you to see contact information and notes about those listed in the Collab Players directory that are hidden from public view
as well as access to a special hidden board for collabers only to help plan/run/share info

*cough* this is of course at the moment free :P but please remember that all costs of running this site and keeping it updated comes straight out of my (shadav's) pockets, so any donations to the site or myself are greatly appreciated
later on there may be a small yearly fee put in to place for this (we'll see)
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